Pressure Cooker and the Aggrolites: East Coast meets West Coast Rocksteady at the Middle East!

The Boston rocksteady faithful turned out in force at the Middle East Upstairs last night, March 14, 2007 to mash it up all night long. Respect to The Deadly Sins who opened the show. Pressure Cooker represented Boston and the East Coast with a 45-minute power set to warm it up for The Aggrolites. If you have not seen the Aggrolites do yourself a favor and check them out on their tour with Dropkick Murphys. They are tight and energetic to a scary degree!! The Aggrolites channel the Upsetters sound with a punk rock attitude. We hope to join them again in the future.

Another Johnny D’s Classic

It was a packed Friday night at Johnny D’s in Somerville, Mass on March 2nd, Pressure Cooker was in full form, we paid tribute to the originators with a few great covers including Penny Reel, Arte Bella and Don’t Run it Down among two solid sets of original Pressure Cooker fare. Be sure to make it down to Johnny D’s for the next one! Also, we are anticipating the Aggrolites at the Middle East Upstairs on March 14th, should be a good one. All you 18+ fans don’t miss it!