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The album “Burning Fence” was released in February 2004, featuring fifteen original instrumentals plus two deejay versions. Recorded live at Echobass studio in Newton, MA. Engineered by Craig Welsch. Inspired by the recording methods of early Jamaican recording artists, this album captures the old-style roots of the Pressure Cooker sound in a live one-take setting. Highlights include soloing from the powerful horn trio: Brian Thomas (trombone), Robin Haynes (tenor sax), and Louisa Gelfuso (trumpet), joining Michael O'Connor (tenor sax) who composed the bulk of the new music. Veteran Cooker rhythm section Jeffrey Eckman (drums), Dan Hawkins (bass), Zack Brines (organ & piano) and Adam Dobkowski (guitar) lay down the foundation. Lead vocalist Craig Fujita makes a cameo appearance for two special deejay tracks at the end of the playlist.

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