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What She Wants
Pressure Cooker

“What She Wants” is Pressure Cooker’s sixth full-length album of new original reggae songs for 2009, culminating a year and a half of studio recording sessions held in the Brighton & Allston neighborhoods of Boston. Craig Akira Fujita, Pressure Cooker’s unique frontman leads the nine piece band through a versatile array of 70’s style reggae, rocksteady and ska music, skillfully mixed by the group’s renowned sound engineer Craig “Dubfader” Welsch (10 FT. Ganja Plant, John Brown’s Body).

The result is a fresh set of fifteen songs exploring themes on love, good times and hard times, all the while keeping the sound and spirit on a lively, upbeat vibe. Highlights include “Can’t Stop Thinkin',” “Hold On,” “One Kind of Love,” “Higher Than High,” “Without Purpose,” “Darkest Hour,” and the instrumental jam “Rocker's Delight.” Once again, Pressure Cooker delivers a unique set of songs that stay faithful to the roots of reggae music, but have some new things to say, and can be appreciated by fans both inside and beyond the genre.

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